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Winter Wedding Photoshoot Outfit Guide

Winter weddings are stunning! Lapland is such a magical place to get married, renew your vows or simply host a honeymoon photoshoot. The snowy trees, the immaculate landscapes, the cold... oh wait, yes, THE COLD!

Lapland is as beautiful as cold. Depending on the month of the year, the average temperatures in winter are ranging from 0°c to -30°c.

Here is a winter wedding outfit guide I put together to prepare for your photoshoot.

1.The brides :

It's probably obvious, but it will be cold !

Spaghetti straps dresses are so pretty, but you'll freeze if you're not prepared...

It doesn't mean you have to wear a long sleeves and high neck dress. You just need to plan a bit more.

  • Wear white or skin color thermal leggings under your dress. Or even ski pants. You'll handle the cold way better with your legs covered.

  • If your dress allows it, wear a thin and warm top under it.

  • Have a jacket or a coat. There is some really beautiful bridal options. Or why not wear a boho plaid over your shoulders! It will keep you warm and it looks wonderful in pictures!

  • Wear appropriate shoes. Leather boots are a great option, again, it looks wonderful in pictures ! If you wish to wear more refined shoes, you can change them after the photoshoot if your ceremony is indoor.

  • Consider wearing some nice wool mittens. They look great and will keep you warm.

  • Put some hand warmers in your gloves and feet warmers in your shoes.

You can definitely have some photos without any of those winter attires, many of the brides I've photographed have done it. The photos are stunning.

For your makeup, prefer to use waterproof options. Otherwise, the water in your makeup will freeze, or run all over your face within minutes.

Choose a local makeup artist and talk about your concerns.

It will guaranty that you get appropriate makeup to the weather. I have been very impressed by the bridal makeups and hairdos done by Marianne at "Color and Cut Living Room".

The groom(s) :

Grooms have it a bit easier than brides...

Because suits are usually made of layers, they are a lot more protected from the cold.

Even though, It's good to purchase a beautiful coat to wear on top of the suit if needs be.

Formal shoes usually have flat and smooth sole, they'll be extremely slippery on the snow. Be mindful of that when purchasing the wedding shoes. No one wants to break their leg on their wedding day.

Same as for the bride, the groom can wear thermal underwear under his suit as well as hand and feet warmers.

Flowers :

Flowers are such a huge factor when it comes to making your wedding day feel extra special.

If you elope in Lapland during winter, be sure to choose robust blooms. Because of the extreme temperatures, delicate blooms will quickly fade.

Talk with your florist about your ceremony location, they will advise you on appropriate blooms that can stand those extreme temperatures.

I often work with Kukkakauppa Ukonhattu in Rovaniemi.