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Photo session in Lapland with children

Lapland is THE destination for Christmas. Its magical atmosphere, snowy landscapes, the reindeers, it's all there! Who says Christmas also says family holidays.

You would like to get nice memories of your holidays in Lapland, but clearly a photo session with children when it is very cold, scares you!

With these few tips, your family photoshoot will go smoothly.

1. Belly full, everything is good!

Make sure kids have been eating before the photoshoot.

Often with the hustle and bustle of travel, meals are a bit scattered. The #1 cause of kids get cranky during photoshoots, is hunger.

If you can't eat a meal before the shoot, bring snacks to give to the kids before and during the shoot.

Make sure to also have water, or even a thermos of hot chocolate!

2. Sleep

Like us, children are in a bad mood when they are tired. A quiet moment or even a nap before the session is a great idea to have them in great shape.

3. The cold

It's imperative that children are covered and dressed to face the cold. It is not only a question of well-being so that your photos are successful, but above all a question of safety, especially for toddlers who cannot express themselves.

Often young kids can't manage to keep gloves or mittens on their hands. To prevent them from falling, you can buy beautiful wool and long socks to pull up to their armpits, and have the jacket on top. I guarantee they won't manage to take those off! 😂

You can consult my clothing guide for detailed advice :

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