How to dress for a photoshoot in Lapland?

You dream of Lapland and its landscapes covered with a thick layer of snow. Above all, you dream of photos in breathtaking landscapes. But beyond the dream, on a practical note... How can you dress for a photoshoot when temperatures drop below -20°C?! No panic, Marion to the rescue! Here are some tricks to fight the cold.

1. The Onion tactic :

You've probably already heard it, against the cold, the onion technique is unbeatable! The trick is to favor several thin but warm layers, rather than a large thick layer. This applies to ALL parts of your body.

2. Thermal underwear :

The first layer is the most important. Especially for your photoshoot, since this layer allows you to wear pretty clothes on top. Your first layer must be close to the body, a thin and warm material. Your underwear must include:

  • A long sleeve thermal tee-shirt

  • A thermal legging (underpants)

  • A pair of socks

3. The middle layer or "photo layer" :

This layer is the least important, so you can wear pretty clothes over the thermal layer for your photoshoot. I advise:

  • Pants or jeans.

  • A nice sweater.

  • A beanie or headband to protect your head from the cold. If temperatures are below -20°C on the day of your session, you can wear a choker (scarf) under your hat.

  • Wool gloves for photos, and mittens for the in-betweens. Sports mittens are not very pretty, so for photos, pretty gloves or wool mittens are great. If you don't have nice gloves, you can borrow some from me for the photo shoot.

  • Wool socks over your first pair of socks. (I insist on these wool socks, it's essential!) The best wool socks are those knitted. This is why Finns knit a lot...

  • Waterproof shoes, with a warm interior and one or two sizes above yours. It is important that your foot is not tight in your shoes, even with your two pairs of socks. If your foot is tight, you will sweat, which must absolutely be avoided to fight the cold.

4. The protective layer :

You will put on and remove this layer probably many times during your photoshoot. Very often outdoor coats and pants have fluorescent colors. The photographer's worst nightmare! It's really not flattering and very difficult to edit. Some fluorescent details are not a problem since they can be retouched on Photoshop. The whole garment must not be fluorescent. If you have pretty ski clothes, then it's perfect! This couple, for example, came with a white coat, a grey/black coat (the man had removed his fluorescent green hood) and black ski pants. The result is great even with ski clothes!

This couple came with coats and ski pants with soft colors, as well as pretty sweaters under their coats :

5. What about the children?

Adlutes are more tolerant to cold than children. If an adult is cold, with some courage, it should be fine. On the other hand, a cold child is a crying child, and that's quite normal! The same onion principle applies to children. It is important that they have a waterproof protective layer, since they will play in the snow during the photoshoot. If you want some family photos with pretty outfits, dress your children with several under layers before putting on a sweaters. We will be quick to remove the coats and take the photos, before putting them back real quick. This family was brave and dropped their coats for a few minutes. The result is a nice family photo with harmonious colors.

Create a game out of the situation : If children are getting cold, it's time to move! Penguin dance, race to the fastest, snowball battle, slides, everything is good to keep children active.

6. Take warm breaks :

On this point, a big congratulations to my couples who came to say yes in Lapland! If you want to wear an outfit unsuitable for the cold, keep the car close with the heat on. Do not hesitate to tell me that you are cold, we will find a solution. (The car, a building, a campfire...)

7. The hand and feet warmers :

The best known invention. These pocket warmers will save your feet and hands. You can find them here in Lapland, in supermarkets and pharmacies. You can also prepare a stock in your suitcase:

8. Lapland with a baby?

Although possible, I do not recommend this trip with a baby. Most Safari providers do not accept babies (or even children under 4 years old). However, if you decide to travel to Lapland with your baby, plan a hooded jumpsuit.

When temperatures drop below -15°C, the baby must not have one centimeter of skin touching the air. Even the face. The best way to keep baby warm is to wear him/her against you, in a baby carrier under your coat.

If you want some outfits ideas for your photoshoot in Lapland, I invite you to look at this Pinterest board filled with good ideas:

Voilà! With all these tips you should be ready for the freezing cold. See you soon for a photoshoot in Santa's country! 🤍