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Where to travel in Finnish Lapland?

Rovaniemi is the capital of Lapland as well as its gateway. Lapland is a vast region that stretches for hundreds of kilometers.

More and more, travelers are looking for authentic experiences. So among divergent opinions, how to decide where to travel to Lapland?

1.Rovaniemi = Santa Claus : An often made amalgamation

The confusion between Santa Claus Village and Rovaniemi is often made. It happens that tourists spend a whole week in Santa Claus Village, without ever leaving it. It's like saying that Disneyland Paris, is Paris.

Rovaniemi is much more than this village, which is certainly commercial (but after all, there is a clue in the name).

Rovaniemi is also...

2.The wilderness at every corner

Rovaniemi is a city on a human scale, surrounded by the wilderness. The forest is even accessible on foot from the city center!

Here below, my favorite place 20 minutes walk from the city center of Rovaniemi:

photographer Rovaniemi, where to travel in lapland

The great outdoors are everywhere in Lapland. Both in Rovaniemi and in northern Lapland. You can't make a bad choice.

3. The polar night

The polar nights are an element to consider when choosing your destination. In December, above the polar circle, the sun doesn't rise for several days!

The further north you go, the greater the darkness. For some, this detail will not matter. After all, there's also magic in the night!

For those who prefer to enjoy a bit of light, southern Lapland will be preferable if you go from November to February.


If you decide to go to Lapland in early winter. It will be safer to choose a destination in the north. In November, snow is not guaranteed in southern Lapland.

5.How you travel matters!

More than the destination, the choice of your travel organization is critical. Both in the south and in the north of Lapland, I recommend organizing your trip yourself in order to favor small tour providers, which will guarantee a 100% authentic trip far from tourism!

You could find yourself in large groups of tourists also in the most lost places of Lapland...

Even if a "DIY" trip is more work, it is definitely worth it.

Whatever you choose, Lapland is magical! I am convinced that there is no bad destination, only bad travel agents.

6.My recommendations

Because I know that planning a trip is a lot of research. Below is a list of activities, farms, accommodations and service providers that have won me over over the years.

Organized trips:

-Boreal Adventures

-Arctic Senses


-Ollero Eco Lodge

-Villa Snowest

-Lapland Hotels - Sky Hotel Ounasvaara

Family reindeer farm in Rovaniemi:


Husky Farm in Rovaniemi:

-Bearhill Husky

Reindeer and Husky farm in Luosto:

-Kopara reindeer park - Visit Arctic North

Chasing the Northern Lights:

-Arctic Road Trip

-Arctic adventure tour

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