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A week in a farm in Lapland

Samuli grew up in the middle of nowhere in Finnish Lapland. The piece of land has been in the family for generations. First used as a hunting ground, the farm was built in the 1960s by his grandfather, his father then moved there in order to preserve the family farm. To give you an idea, the nearest store is 35min by car, there is no point in forgetting the butter!

As in Finland school is not compulsory until the age of 7, Samuli spent his entire childhood there with his brother and sister. And yes, there are no neighbors.

We visit from time to time, this time I take you with me!

The farm :

At the beginning

In 1992

11 chickens to have fresh eggs every day.

2 hunting dogs and 2 puppies!

Some wild boar, it's the main activity of the farm.

How do you live in the middle of no-where ?

The house is almost self-sufficient.

Water is drawn from the ground of the property. So, be careful with the water, when there is no more, there is no more! The water is very pure, it is drinkable without any chemical treatment. You can drink tap water without any problem.

The house is heated with wood thanks to a central pile, it is made of a stone which releases heat throughout the day. Not even cold!

Only electricity is routed from the outside. It was a hell of a budget to connect the house to the electricity grid ...

The snow-covered road in winter must be cleared of snow using the tractor very regularly, otherwise it is impossible to get out!

What do you do in a farm ?

We start the day by preparing the food of wild boars. We collect unsold items from the supermarket to feed them. On the menu, bread, vegetables, fruit, pastries, etc ... Wild boars eat absolutely everything.

Samuli participated in the process of preparing the meat from A to Z. I documented everything in pictures, but I spare you the pictures!

Samuli would rather get down to business than buy our meat from the supermarket. It is a much better way of consuming meat in our opinion. We leave with several kilos of meat each time.

Saunas, a lot of saunas !

The snowmobile is an essential tool in winter, it is the means of transport on the farm. It's also a great way to enjoy nature. The only drawback in my opinion is the noise, I find it a pity the noise pollution in these quiet spaces ... In Lapland the snowmobile is a tool for work, leisure and even high-level sport.

I hope you enjoyed following this little adventure!

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