Eloping in Lapland - The ultimate guide

You're engaged! Congrats!!

If you are planning to elope in Lapland, this guide is for you.

I am Marion, a professional photographer based in Rovaniemi. I specialize in capturing beautiful memories for travelers coming to Lapland.

This guide will walk you through everything I've learned over the years about eloping in Lapland and organizing the perfect "I do" day.

When is a good time to elope in Lapland ?

You could really elope any time of the year in Lapland. Each season is beautiful in its own way. Here is a recap of what you'll witness in Lapland for each month of the year :

January : It's the coldest month of the year. You'll see the trees covered in snow, frozen landscapes, long nights and a few hours of beautiful golden light.

February : The weather is still very cold. The days are getting longer. There is usually a very thick layer of snow.

March : There is a lot more sunlight and temperatures are starting to get warmer. It's a good season for ice fishing or Northern light hunting.

April : Spring is coming. Snow is starting to melt.

May : The snow is melting or is already melted. Nature is starting to wake up after a long winter.

June : Nature awakens and everything gets luscious and green. You can witness the midnight sun and enjoy the wilderness all day, all night. There is midsummer feast, the biggest party of the year. Hiking, paddling and fishing are great at this season. There is also a lot mosquitoes.

July : It's full on summer. It can get warm. Up to 32°c.

August : Summer is starting to fade away to slowly let autumn arrive.

September : You can witness beautiful autumn colors, every piece of nature turns to orange, yellow, brown and red. The nights are starting to get cold. It's one of the best months to see northern lights.

October : The trees are losing their leaves and there is the first snow falls. It's one of the best month to see northern lights.

November : It's starting to get quite dark, the days are getting shorter and shorter. Snow is usually melting away until the next snow fall.

December : It's Christmas month and the country of Santa Claus, meaning it's the busiest time of the year. Days are extremely short (1 to 3 hours of sunlight/day). The weather is quite cloudy with a lot of snow fall.

My opinion, the best months to elope in Lapland are December, January, February, June and September.

Where to elope in Lapland ?

There is a lot of options. Especially for elopements. You could hike and say "I do" on top of a hill in the middle of the wilderness. You could elope in a reindeer farm, in Santa Claus Village, inside an ice chapel, around a campfire or in a wilderness lodge.

The good thing about elopements, is that you really have endless options !

In Finland, you can ask the officiant to marry you about anywhere for a couple of hundred euros.

Hiring a wedding planner for your elopement in Lapland ?

A BIG BIG yes. I cannot praise enough the benefit of having a wedding planner for your elopement.

The local wedding planner knows every vendors, venues or place to host your elopement.

She/he have probably worked with a lot of those vendors, so she/he provides you with the best services on every aspect.

She/he will spare you a lot of headaches.

Let's be honest, getting married in your own country is already a lot of time, planning and hair pulling. Imagine planning a wedding abroad, not knowing any of the country's mariage legislation, not speaking the language, not knowing any vendors, it's a task!

So hire one, really!

I have been working tons with Lapland Romance on elopements. She is very personable and will plan the perfect elopement and holiday in Lapland for you.

I strongly advise you hire her!

How to dress for a winter elopement in Lapland ?

The bride(s) :

It's probably obvious, but it's cold out there!

I love a good spaghetti straps wedding dress, but the reality is that you'll freeze... Now it doesn't mean you have to wear a long sleeve, high neck dress. You just need to plan for layers.

- Wear white or skin color leggings under your dress. You will handle the cold way better with your legs covered.

- If your dress allows it, wear a thin and warm top under it.

- Have a jacket or a coat. There is some really beautiful bridal options when it comes to jackets and coats. Do not pass on this.

- Why not wear a boho plaid over your dress ? It will keep you warm and it looks wonderful in pictures!

- Wear appropriate shoes. Boots with heels are a great option, again, it looks wonderful in pictures ! If you wish to wear more refined shoes, you can change them after the photoshoot if your ceremony is indoor.