Rovaniemi photography tour - photoshoot in the forest and tasting by an open fire

Marion Lefevre Photography's photo experiences are unique in Rovaniemi.

They are carefully organized to provide you with an unforgettable moment.

They always are private in order to prioritize the quality of your experience.

You will not only get beautiful professional photos, but beautiful photos of a wonderful experience.

Put on your boots and parka, let's go for an adventure!

The tour :

I'll start the tour by guiding you to the entrance of the forest. I'll walk you through a few secret paths, which will lead us to the key places of the tour.

I know the forest like the back of my hand! Walking just a few meters from our meeting point, we go from a city landscape to a wild landscape, frozen in time by the cold.

We then head to the location of our photoshoot. I enjoy this short walk to get to know each other and answer your questions. Once at the location, we know each other a little more, which allows you to be relaxed and confident in front of the camera.

Enjoy the landscape, play, have fun, love each other, I will photograph this beautiful moment in a stunning scenery.

The tasting by the open fire :

After all this, you will surely crave a sack and warm drink. On our way to the campfire!

Right next to the campfire, there is a viewing tower overlooking the forest. I take advantage of these few minutes to start the fire and prepare the snacks. Once you had time to admire the view, take a few selfies, the tasting is ready!

I adapt the products to the traditions, time of year and diet of the participants. I usually serve cinnamon cookies or plum pies (at Christmas), dried meat, Karelian pies topped with reindeer meat, warm blueberry juice or Glögy (warm Christmas drink). All products come from local producers, which guarantees an experience 100% made in Lapland! During this break by the fire, I will tell some anecdotes about life in Finland, traditions, customs and the surrounding nature. I will also capture a few portraits by the fire. It's a moment of relaxation before going back on the trails.

The visit lasts about two hours for a distance of 2 kilometers. The experience is accessible to small children, I can bring a sled to transport tired children. You will get 15 edited digital photos from the tour.

The visit may vary depending on the age of the participants, and our meeting point. I adapt our meeting point according to your transportation during your stay.

It is possible to get there by car, by walk (25-30min walk from the city center) or with a taxi. I take great pleasure in sharing this experience with my customers, and I would very much like to share it with you ! To ask questions or book a tour, contact me!


Their opinion about the experience :

Manon :

"We had an incredible experience with Marion. As a couple who’s not very comfortable in front of the camera we found ourselves having a really good time resulting in some candid pictures which is everything we hoped for. Marion took us on a lovely walk and had a lot to share about Finland and its nature. Ps: she even lit a fire like a pro !"