Reindeer and Husky rides in Santa Claus Village with a photographer

Santa Claus Village is a must see during your stay in Rovaniemi. Achieve unique photos during iconic experiences with your personal professional photographer.

On this incredible experience my clients have the opportunity to participate to a husky ride and a reindeer ride in Santa Claus Village while experiencing the most magical Christmas place. And all of this is captured by a professional photographer!

​The experience is about 2 hour long and include 40 digital photos.


The reindeer ride :

The experience usually start around 11am to get as much sunlight as possible. In Rovaniemi, the days are really short during the winter, so we have to enjoy every minutes of it!

We start by going to the reindeer ride just nearby Santa Claus office. There, a few options are presented to you, you will choose the length of your ride (500m, 1km, 2km...)

I will accompany you to your ride, where we will take pictures with the reindeers.

Your guide will take you away for your amazing adventure.

Sit back, enjoy! I will document the departure and arrival of your Safari.

After your ride, we will get a few extra minutes with the reindeer. Say goodbye to your new buddy, the rest of your adventure await!

At the exit, a warm fire will wait for you. Cozy up and let's take some photos!

The Husky Ride :

The Husky ride time can vary depending on the slots available for booking. It is possible to have the husky ride at the end of the photo session. But honestly, I doesn't change anything!

The husky ride provider is a few meters away from Santa Claus office.

You will come through a rustic cottage before to enter the park. Can you hear?! Huskies are here to great you. You will be able to pet an adorable fury friend.

Now is time for your thrilling adventure!

I will take photos of your ride in the forest, before to meet you at the arrival for some photos with your pulling team.

Cross the Arctic Circle!

Santa Claus office was built right on the arctic circle. Enter the arctic region with style, you are being photographed!