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Winter hike in the Taiga

Updated: Apr 15

Wow, what a day! We explored Auttiköngäs a few days ago. One of my favorite hikes in winter!

Auttiköngäs is an hour's drive from Rovaniemi. It is possible to observe a waterfall there as well as the Kemijoki river. The river was previously used to transport timber through Lapland. It is always possible to observe the structure dedicated to the routing of the trunks.

The hike travels the Taiga (also called boreal forest, it covers the northern part of the globe and covers Finland.)

We admired the waterfall and walked in the middle of the forest before taking a break at a small cabin where we made a log fire. In Finland, you can find this kind of hut almost everywhere, the wood is always available there (free of charge). We enjoyed a fire with coffee and grilled sausage (homemade please!).

Once well rested and with a full stomach (which wasn't a great idea considering the climb ahead) the hike continued until we got to the top of a hill, where we got to the top of a hill. admire a breathtaking view. We witnessed a beautiful sunset from the observation tower. Hills covered with forest as far as the eye can see, that's Lapland!

The 3.5 km trail is very easy to practice in winter, ideal for families!

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