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The beauty into the darkness - Polar nights

Updated: Apr 15

Last Monday was the longest night of the year. In mid-winter the sun doesn't rise above the horizon in arctic. Because Rovaniemi is located on the arctic circle, this is the place where you can start to witness polar nights, called "Kaamos" in Finnish.

On the 21 of December, you can barely grasp a glimpse of daylight, the sun illuminate the horizon before to let the night come back.

Here is the length of days in Rovaniemi during winter 2020-2021 :

1st of December : 03:41

1st of January : 02:46

1st of February : 06:26

1st of March : 09:56

The light into the darkness :

Ìf you have never experienced polar nights, you might think it is constant darkness.

But into the dark, the light always come through...

If you are lucky, the northern lights will come to illuminate the dark sky with their beautiful green and purple colors. December is not the best month to witness this phenomenon, the beginning of the winter is quite cloudy, this is the snowiest time of the year. But nothing is impossible, if you are patient searching for the lights, you might find them !

The snow is a natural light reflector, I was really impressed by the amount of light created by the snow. Because the snow reflect light, if the sky is pink the entire landscape will be pink ! Those colors are frequent as the sun is really low on the horizon during winter, like a continuous sunset. Amazing !

Cozy up and enjoy :

If the winter is a nice time to spend some time outside, it's also a time to take it slow. Finns enjoy the winter to make their home extra cozy with lights by the window. They also build beautiful snow lantern in the backyard around Christmas. I always thought people were putting light by their window to warm up the outside. Those lights makes a home so inviting.

So during the polar nights, I get my wool socks, some coffee, and cozy up !

What about my energy ?

It's all about how you embrace what I can't control. The polar nights are not gonna stop because I want them to !

It is proven that your energy and physical activity will decrease during polar nights. In my opinion It is fine to slow down and live by the rhythm of nature. In the summer I will be full of energy, running into the midnight sun !

So I use a positive attitude and find beauty into the darkness.

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