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Why am I living in Rovaniemi - My story.

Updated: Apr 15

Hei ! I am Marion a French photographer living in Rovaniemi. From the first day I heard about Rovaniemi to the day I moved there, I will tell you how I ended up living in Lapland. I grew up in Normandy by the sea side. I had my childhood sailing the sea and playing in the sand. Because part of my family is Swedish, we traveled often to Sweden. These trips influenced my decision to move to Finland. I loved the nature and peacefulness of the north. In 2017, I was a bachelor student in art school (EESAB-Brest). I never seriously considered the option to study abroad, until my teacher announced that I was chosen to study 4 month in Finland. I applied for Erasmus program thinking that I would never be selected, there was a few other students applying for a spot at the University of Lapland. Sometimes, life have some good surprises and send you on top of the world ! I remember calling my parents in panic, telling them I was gonna study in a foreign country. They had no idea considering that I didn't even mentioned I applied (this is how much I believed in this !). So here I go, checking Rovaniemi Wikipedia webpage, reading that winters are 24 hours of darkness and summers 24 hours of brightness. The temperature would usually drop to -30°C and go up to 30°C in the summer. This place sounded so exotic compared to my rainy Normandy ! Once I arrived in Rovaniemi, I discovered the beautiful wilderness and the silly Finnish humour. My English was so bad, Google translate became my best friend ! After few weeks, my English improved and I met a lovely Finnish guy. With time we fell in love and I decided to stay for an extra semester in Lapland. During this year in Finland, I felt like home. I identified myself with the Finnish culture so much. Everyone was quiet, calm and still so funny to hang out with. At the end of my nordic adventure, Samuli (my boyfriend) decided to follow me to France. During two years we lived in a big city while I was graduating from a master degree to become an art teacher. After two years living in the craziness of the city, we realized that our home was somewhere surrounded by nature, peace and quiet. We moved back to Rovaniemi in summer 2020. The lack of tourism due to the pandemic, made finding work extremely difficult for me. Determined to settle in Lapland, I opened my photography business. Path to entrepreneurship isn't easy and very scary, but I believe that if you fight hard enough for what you want, you can achieve wonders ! I can't wait to see what the future hold for us.

You can follow my adventures on instagram and Facebook !

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