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From booking to the delivery of the photos, how does photography services work?

Ready to book your photoshoot but need more informations before to jump into the process?

In this article I will explain step by step how a photo shoot goes, from the first contact, to delivery of the photos.

I want to point out that each professional works in a very different way! Take care to choose a photographer with a way of working that suits you. If you need a boost in determining the photographer of your dreams, I encourage you to read this article: How-to-choose-the-right-photographer

1. The first contact:

You have your project in mind, it's time to talk about it! You can contact me by email, but also by phone or social medias. Regardless of the media, what matters is that you communicate your idea and your wishes to me.

2. Determine the offer, the date, the location, the style:

I answer your call or email and propose an offer adapted to your project. Until then you do not commit to anything, the estimates are free! You can also suggest one of the offers presented on my website.

We decide the date and location of your photos. It often happens that you already have an idea for the location, but if you don't, no worries! I have a whole range of photogenic places to offer you.

At this point, I encourage you to collect some inspiration images to create a mood board. This tool allows you to express your ideas and allows me to have a crystal clear vision of your expectations. However, be careful to choose a photographer with a style that you like. It will be complicated and very unpleasant for a photographer to "imitate" a style that is not his own.

3. Signature of the agreement and confirmation of the booking:

In order to protect you and me, an agreement will be sent to you by email. In this agreement you will find the details of the session, the terms of payment, the copy rights, image rights, cancellation conditions, etc ...

The booking is confirmed when I receive the agreement signed. The agreement can be changed according to your needs and conditions!

3.B Prior appointment:

This meeting is only offered for certain projects. I first meet clients with a large project that requires a lot of organization (such as weddings), or "intimate" projects that require getting to know one and the other.

This appointment, when necessary, is included in the offer.

4. Fine-tune last details before the session:

A few days before the session, I get in touch with you in order to refine the last details. We discuss your outfit and I make sure everything is ok on your end.

5. Shooting:

We meet for the photo session. It's a time for you and your loved ones, have fun!

6. Editing:

At this point, it's my job to make your photos look as good as possible! I select the best shots and edit your images usually within 4 to 5 days after the photo session. The deadlines vary according to my schedule (but never more than 14 days). Once the pictures edited, I send the invoice to your email.

7. Pay the invoice and receive your photos :

When the invoice is paid, I upload your photos to an online gallery protected by a password. The link and password to the gallery will be sent to you by email. You will be able to download the photos to your devices from the gallery. I advise you to save them on several devices!

Raw images are not sent to you, unprocessed files are so heavy, you would need Photoshop or Lightroom to even open them.

8. Adjustments :

You have received your photos, I look forward to your feedback! I then adjust a few details if needed, colors, removal of small defaults, etc ...

Once you are 100% happy with your photos, my mission is accomplished!

9. Online review :

This step is not mandatory, but it is extremely valuable for my small business. An online review is the best thank you you can give!

You can submit your opinion on my Google map page "Lefevre Marion Photography". I will also send you the link to the form upon receipt of your photos.

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