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Choose the right photographer

The world of professional photography is an extremely competitive environment, so choosing a photographer sometimes feels like the job of an investigator. In this article I give you some tips to find THE photographer of your dreams.

1 / What is your project?

The photographers are specialized in one or more branches, marriage, family portraits, animal, culinary, real estate, etc ... As much as it is possible to excel in one or two specialties, it is impossible to be the best at everything! When choosing your photographer identify the hard core of the photographer's business. If you want family portraits, choosing a real estate photographer may not be the best idea. Choose a photographer who is specialized for your project, you can easily identify the photographer's sector by looking at his portfolio. If the portfolio contains wedding photos, then there is a good chance that this photographer is skilled in this branch.

2 / What is your style?

Once you have identified the right photographers for your project, you can choose one of them. The style of the photographer will help you determine whether or not their services are for you.

It's all about taste, if you don't know what style of images you like, take a look at the portfolios and try to figure out which style appeals to you. This step is important so that you are satisfied with your photos.

3 / What about the person?

The outcome of a photoshoot is important, but it's not the only thing to consider. To avoid a painful and uncomfortable session, talk to the photographer before the session. It is important that you feel comfortable and confident with your photographer. Everyone has their own personality. It is better to contact another photographer rather than forcing with a photographer with whom the feeling is not great. Benevolence, patience and kindness are qualities to value when choosing your photographer, no one wants to feel uncomfortable in front of the lens.

4 / The budget

The budget is not that important. Not because your wallet is endless, but because most photographers are able to create an offer according to your budget. In addition, from one photographer to another the price difference is usually not huge, prefer to spend 30 euros more to offer yourself THE photographer you want.

5 / The location

Choose a photographer in the surrounding of the photo shoot. This will save you travel costs that will explode the bill. However, if you have identified THE photographer of your dreams but is 3 hours drive away, it may be better to add an extra to the budget to get his services. There is a good chance that you will be disappointed if you go against your photography crush.

You now know all to choose a photographer who will meet your expectations and more!

See you soon,


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